Main Dishes

Chicken breaded and deep fried with a special homemade dipping sauce
Grilled chicken marinated in a sweet homemade Teriyaki sauce
Five pieces of fried SPAM the meat of choice in Hawaii
Slow roasted, smoked pork. ~ Island favorite with mainland twist ~
A Buffalo wing style taco. Comes with 3 tacos and 2 sides (Rice and Mac Salad are the standard sides)
Potato Fries with Ranch, then a bed of cabbage covered with Chicken Katsu with Kilauea (Hot Wing) sauce and a light drizzle of Ranch to top
Grilled beef marinated in a sweet Bulgolgi sauce
2 Scoops of rice with Misoy Chicken and covered in Kainoa's House Sauce. With -or- without sesame seeds
Chicken Katsu in a flour tortilla with a sweet tomotillo sauce. Lani Ono means "Heavenly Delicious" in Hawaiian. Order of 3 Tacos and 2 sides